Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann

Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann

Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann, Marketing Specialist at FlavorSum, comes from a background rooted in the nonprofit sector, with extensive brand and campaign experience. He graduated Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Public Relations and Brand Management and minored in Writing Emphasis. His work in nonprofit has allowed him to understand the needs of the surrounding community and how companies can play a key role in helping others. Jeremy’s knowledge of brand voice and creativity has contributed to his work in content creation, campaign marketing, and organizational networking.

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Looking for vanilla solutions? What you need to know about Extracts vs. Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Jun 17, 2021

Vanilla’s association with ‘basic’ or ‘plain’ is undeserved. Most of us have memories that include the uniquely sweet, rich taste of vanilla - going for an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream on a summer day or heading to the pantry to get vanilla extract so Grandma could bake her famous cheesecake. And the history of vanilla is as complex as its flavor. Originally discovered off the coast of Africa in 1793, vanilla cultivation started on the Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, and Reunion Islands, known today as the Bourbon Islands.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the global vanilla market surpassed USD 2.7 billion in 2020. Demand for vanilla is forecast to continue growing with a CAGR of 5.64% from 2021-2026. Vanilla is a leading flavor featured across categories. For example, producers make approximately 425 million gallons of vanilla ice cream annually in the U.S., representing 28% of the total ice cream produced each year!

The love for vanilla makes it a popular flavor and critical ingredient in many applications, from decadent desserts to delicious baked goods. Consumers searching for natural ingredients turn to vanilla because it fits their conscious lifestyles.

The time-intensive process of producing enough vanilla extract to meet the demand for this flavor led to the innovation of alternatives that we consume and use daily. Each vanilla flavor and extract option has nuances and complexities worth exploring to bring out the very best in food and beverage applications.

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Finding the Right Flavor Solution for Your Plant-based Beverage

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on May 10, 2021

Strolling through the local supermarket, you may notice something different about the dairy section, specifically in beverages. More consumers are taking notes from a character named Jack and trading in the cow for beans (or nuts). Almonds, soybeans, cashews, and even oats are finding their way into shopping carts and refrigerators as milk alternatives. According to Mintel, 52% of adults in the U.S. buy more plant-based milk because they believe it is a healthier alternative with more appealing nutritional qualities. These qualities can range from being allergen-free to delivering vitamins and minerals for a plant-based lifestyle. While dairy isn't at risk of moving on to greener pastures anytime soon, the demand for plant-based alternatives in beverages is expanding the dairy aisle.

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Flavors Fueling Hard Seltzer Success: What You Need to Know

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Mar 2, 2021

The year is 2020, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has led his team back from a ten-point deficit in the third from the San Francisco 49ers in Superbowl LIV. The game cuts to commercial. We see a gentleman walk into what appears to be a local liquor store—a gentleman with piercing blue eyes, an easy-going smile, and a face full of tattoos. Yes, you read that right, a face covered in tattoos. It's hip hop artist Post Malone, and although not everyone may know him, his uniqueness attracts attention.

The ad personifies Malone's internal senses, right down to his taste buds, as he considers purchasing various seltzer flavors from that famous beer company in St. Louis. The commercial is a little bizarre but engages the audience. Maybe that's the point. The idea of a light, easy-to-drink, alcoholic beverage viewed as a healthy alternative with flavor variety is as attention-grabbing as Malone. Hard seltzers have captivated consumer interest and are one of the latest trends in alcoholic beverages.

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How to Raise the Bar for Indulgence in Frozen Desserts

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Feb 2, 2021

What's your first memory of ice cream? For me, it was walking up to the local soft serve, Frosty Freeze, across from my old high school in Metro-Detroit. On top of their broad flavor assortment, Frosty Freeze offered an impressive selection of unique dips for customers to indulge in, like cherry, butterscotch, peanut butter, blue raspberry, and even cotton candy! Consumers are continually seeking out flavors that permit them to relax and indulge. Flavors provide a sense of comfort or even spark a new taste adventure.

Trend-watchers and industry experts predict that interest in enjoyable and indulgent food will rise this year. Consumer insight research from Mintel suggests that you can deliver indulgence in several ways, from full-on decadence to permissible or healthy indulgence. When you're creating frozen desserts, use flavor, variegates, and inclusions to elevate the taste experience.

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2021 Spotlight: Bakery Flavors in the News

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Jan 18, 2021

The year 2020 saw sales of baked goods on the rise across several segments as consumers adjusted to an eat-at-home lifestyle. As 2021 unfolds, foodservice operators and manufacturers face some new expectations from consumers whose shifts in behaviors and attitudes seem to have staying power. Fortunately, a range of flavors, known and new, can take the heat and deliver delicious taste experiences.

Topics: Bakery Innovation Flavors for Food and Beverage NPD Product Development Solutions
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Make the Holidays Brighter with Sweet Candy Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Dec 11, 2020

Unwrapping a tasty piece of candy is an undeniable holiday pleasure. Whether it’s a decadently rich piece of chocolate or the fresh notes of peppermint, most people have cravings for delicious sweets. 

Festivities may look different, but candy offers a way to deliver bite-sized fun and affordable indulgence for any celebration.

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Warm Up Winter with ‘Home for the Holidays’ Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Nov 3, 2020

We all remember that first-holiday treat. We look forward to the delicious taste of a freshly baked cookie dipped in hot chocolate or the sweet aroma of pie enticing us to the kitchen table. Winter flavors evoke the same sense of wonder as a glimpse of the first few snowflakes. The holidays might look different this year, but consumers can always count on nostalgic flavors to bring them back home.

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New Connections: Team Members Join National Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Oct 28, 2020

With a recent investment from The Riverside Company and a new partnership with GSB & Associates, National Flavors is on a path to strengthen research, development, and application capabilities. Our newest members will help National Flavors expand solutions and support customers’ product development efforts.

Here’s more about our growing team.

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