With a recent investment from The Riverside Company and a new partnership with GSB & Associates, National Flavors is on a path to strengthen research, development, and application capabilities. Our newest members will help National Flavors expand solutions and support customers’ product development efforts.

Here’s more about our growing team.

Investing in Growth 

National Flavors remains committed to innovative development and production of exceptional flavors for the food and beverage industry. We're here to help customers succeed, and as demand for more unique and delicious flavors continues to grow and evolve, we do, too.

Challenging the status quo to keep pace with customers' and consumers' needs is part of our DNA. But whether we're creating new tastes or providing a fresh take on traditional ideas, we focus on delivering joy through flavor to our customers.

New Employees = New Energy

Having a healthy and sustainable organization means hiring people who are enthusiastic about their industry. We are excited to welcome new team members who are passionate about flavor.

From R&D to production experts, to marketers, and leaders in sales and customer service, each addition brings a unique set of talents. Expanding our staff has a synergistic effect on the organization, as our cross-functional crews collaborate and build on individual strengths. The energy from our growing team pushes National Flavors to excellence and a high-performance organization that helps our customers reach their goals.

Staying True to Our Values Drives Our Success

We demonstrate our values through a culture of flavor, continuous improvement, education, and community activism.

  • Onboarding and on-going coaching ensure team members have the resources they need to become significant contributors who help our customers succeed.
  • We also encourage all to put their talents and energy to work making connections that improve our community.
  • This recipe for achievement supports our staff in and outside of the workplace.
Helping You Arrive at Your Flavor Destination

Whether it is creating flavors consumers crave, maintaining high quality with efficient turnaround in production, or taste-testing in product development, we always strive to find solutions for our customers. We cultivate a positive atmosphere that empowers staff to collaborate with our partners to overcome challenges. By providing our teams with the environment and tools they need to be successful, we help all our stakeholders win.

Championing our customers' goals has always been the key ingredient in developing delicious flavors. Whether you are a major food manufacturer, an expanding franchise, or a food service provider, we're ready to help you deliver joy through flavor. Take the first step on your flavor journey by contacting a member of our team today!

A Warm Welcome to the Newest Faces at National Flavors
  • Dave F., Leadership, Sales & Marketing 
  • Olivia B., Sales
  • Tory D., Sales
  • Abbie H., Sales
  • Patrick L., Sales
  • Bill M., Sales                                      
  • Kristy V. , (new role!) Sales
  • Jeremy H., Marketing
  • Ben A., Rev Ops

  • Karen T., Leadership, Finance
  • Mike C., Finance
  • Stevie M., Human Resources

  • Katie C. (welcome back!), Customer Service
  • Rachel Z., Customer Service
  • Mike A., Production
  • Mikail A., Production
  • Demarco B., Production
  • Chad S., Production
  • Shane V., Production
  • Dillon B, Quality
  • Sarah B, Quality
  • Fatia P, Quality

  • Kelsey C., R&D
  • Rebecca D., R&D
  • John W. (welcome back!), R&D

  • Brian B., Leadership, CEO
  • Nicole W., Leadership, Strategy, Execution, Supply Chain
Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann

Written by Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann

Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann, Marketing Specialist at FlavorSum, comes from a background rooted in the nonprofit sector, with extensive brand and campaign experience. He graduated Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Public Relations and Brand Management and minored in Writing Emphasis. His work in nonprofit has allowed him to understand the needs of the surrounding community and how companies can play a key role in helping others. Jeremy’s knowledge of brand voice and creativity has contributed to his work in content creation, campaign marketing, and organizational networking.