FlavorSum Access is a digital platform that provides you with on-line, on-demand product development support.

The FlavorSum team created FlavorSum Access to help keep your NPD projects moving - with flavor samples shipping in 24-hours and downloadable documentation on-demand. We temporarily closed the portal on December 6th to implement changes that will provide you with additional product development support.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new features you’ll see when we reopen the portal on December 15th.

And sign up today to get your FlavorSum Access account!

Flavorsum Access _New Features-1


Find delicious flavors for your 2022 (or 2023!) food & beverage innovations with FlavorSum Access.

  • From familiar flavors to trending tastes, natural, no-color-added, TTB-approved, and certified organic flavors, the FlavorSum Access assortment supports your formulation needs. 
  • You can easily discover seasonal favorites for your limited time offers and new flavors to inspire your next launch. 
  • We've tested flavors in several applications to provide usage rates that deliver exceptional taste experiences. If you need additional support with flavor solutions or have formulation questions, contact our team today!

At FlavorSum, we are relentlessly devoted to helping you create great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today's consumers.


Written by FlavorSum