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Sweet Solutions for Reduced Sugar Products

By FlavorSum on May 24, 2021

When getting coffee, the barista at your local café may ask, “Do you want room for cream and sugar?” The creamer could be a solid ‘yes,’ but if you’re following the trends and looking for alternative sweeteners, you may decide to bypass the sugar.

Consumer behavior around sweeteners has undergone significant changes over the last few decades. North Americans are seeking out reduced sugar or zero-sugar products and showing a preference for natural sweeteners over artificial ones.

The 2020 Food & Health Survey from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) found 74% of consumers were trying to limit or avoid sugars. Mintel also notes the shift in consumer behavior, saying, “the demand for low-sugar products has increased dramatically as consumers heed the advice of health professionals and take action to prioritize their long-term health by reducing sugar intake.” Mintel estimates the reduced sugar market could add $36 billion over the next three years.

Challenges arise when using non-nutritive sweeteners in reduced sugar products. These alternatives can bring along undesirable characteristics or off-tasting notes. You may discover the need for creative and innovative solutions for your reduced sugar products to mirror sucrose and deliver the quality customers expect.

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