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Functional Food Trends: Infused Confections

By FlavorSum on Jun 9, 2021

What do you have on your shopping list this week? It probably includes at least one item with a functional ingredient. Protein bars to keep your energy up, probiotic gummies to support your gut biome, or turmeric mango green tea to boost your immune system. All are examples of how functional ingredients add value to otherwise ordinary products.

Functional foods and beverages offer consumers countless ways to pursue health or lifestyle goals through food choices. And manufacturers can add functional options to their assortment as a tactic for building market share and brand loyalty.

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Make the Holidays Brighter with Sweet Candy Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Dec 11, 2020

Unwrapping a tasty piece of candy is an undeniable holiday pleasure. Whether it’s a decadently rich piece of chocolate or the fresh notes of peppermint, most people have cravings for delicious sweets. 

Festivities may look different, but candy offers a way to deliver bite-sized fun and affordable indulgence for any celebration.

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