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Make the Holidays Brighter with Sweet Candy Flavors

By Jeremy Hernandez-Hermann on Dec 11, 2020

Unwrapping a tasty piece of candy is an undeniable holiday pleasure. Whether it’s a decadently rich piece of chocolate or the fresh notes of peppermint, most people have cravings for delicious sweets. 

Festivities may look different, but candy offers a way to deliver bite-sized fun and affordable indulgence for any celebration.

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Flavorush: Flavors Tested to Work!

By FlavorSum on Dec 8, 2020

Our Food Scientist Jerry is at it again in this knockout video! Give your delicious demos a great flavor that’s just right. National Flavors tests each flavor in your application to give you a usage rate that delivers tasty results. Sign up for Flavorush today and get the drop on your next tasty product!

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