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FlavorScience Episode 2: Nutritional Gummies (Video)

By FlavorSum on Aug 4, 2022

In our second installment of FlavorScience, we explore how to tackle the formulation and flavor challenges that can arise when creating a nutritional gummy. Join FlavorSum Director of Innovation and Solutions, Derek Holthaus as he interviews Tessa Porter of Sprinkk and John Wrubel of FlavorSum. In this episode, they cover everything from base formulation considerations to label claim goals to flavor selections, and so much more!


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Webcast: Format + Flavor + Function in Gummies

By FlavorSum on Jun 30, 2022

The gummy format offers a fun and flavorful eating experience for consumers who want to tap into added nutritional benefits. Mintel reports that gummy formats are now the number one way adults aged 35 and younger consume supplements.

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