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What Is a Natural WONF? Deciphering Flavor Labeling Acronyms

By FlavorSum on Jan 20, 2022

Originally posted on September 4, 2020 | Updated on January, 20, 2022

Every business sector has a unique acronym-filled language. You may hear terms like QSR, CWT, FTP, TOS, and SME. The flavor world contains a few acronyms like GRAS (pronounced 'grahs' meaning Generally Recognized as Safe) and FMP (Flavor Modulating Properties). Two of our favorites are Natural WONF (pronounced wan-eff) and FTNF, acronyms used to describe flavor labeling designations.

What is WONF? WONF stands for 'With Other Natural Flavors.’

What is FTNF? FTNF stands for ‘From the Named Fruit.’

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Finding a Flavor that Meets Your Needs (Video)

By FlavorSum on May 17, 2021

Now that we explored some of the acronyms of flavor labeling, it’s time to take a look at how to find a flavor that meets your needs. From flavor profiles to budgets, this video takes a look at five factors that may affect your decision about the type of flavor you use.

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Decoding Flavor Labeling (Video)

By FlavorSum on Apr 30, 2021

Every industry has a unique language filled with acronyms. One of our favorites is Natural WONF, an acronym used to describe one of the flavor labeling designations. This video explores Natural WONFs as well as the other descriptors you may find on flavor labels from your supplier.

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