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FlavorScience Episode 2: Nutritional Gummies (Video)

By FlavorSum on Aug 4, 2022

In our second installment of FlavorScience, we explore how to tackle the formulation and flavor challenges that can arise when creating a nutritional gummy. Join FlavorSum Director of Innovation and Solutions, Derek Holthaus as he interviews Tessa Porter of Sprinkk and John Wrubel of FlavorSum. In this episode, they cover everything from base formulation considerations to label claim goals to flavor selections, and so much more!


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What’s for Breakfast: Trends and Insights to Inspire Innovation

By FlavorSum on Jul 28, 2022

What if we asked you what’s the most important meal of the day? Did you say, ‘Breakfast?’ Your first food of the morning represents the foundation of the day and an opportunity to break the hours-long overnight fast. And even if breakfast doesn’t hold the number one spot for you, you’re likely still a fan of breakfast foods. Author Jonathan Goldstein notes, “Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast, because eating breakfast, even if it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun, and good things can still happen.”

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News from IFT FIRST 2022

By FlavorSum on Jul 21, 2022

July 11, 2022 marked the start of the largest trade show in B2B food and beverage, with the event reconvening for the first time since 2019. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) gathered around 17,000 industry professionals and over 700 exhibiting companies to showcase the latest innovations and learning in food and beverage. And though the expo has taken place for decades, the recently rebranded IFT FIRST (Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology) event has evolved to keep pace with the dynamic food and beverage market.

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Innovation Evolution: How are New Food & Beverage Trends Unfolding in 2022?

By FlavorSum on Jul 14, 2022

In late 2021, the FlavorSum team presented predictions about food and beverage trends for the new year (see market trends Part 1 and Part 2). From wellness benefits, good-for-you beverages, and plant-based dairy to classic flavor profiles and the intersection of functionality and flavor—we explored innovation opportunities across the food and beverage landscape.

As we reach the mid-point of the year, let’s check in with some of our predictions and examine how we’re stacking up against 2022 trends.

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Find Your Flavor Inspiration with FlavorSum at IFT 2022

By FlavorSum on Jul 7, 2022

FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, will showcase refreshing beverage and snack bar prototypes at booth #S0442 during IFT FIRST 2022 in Chicago (July 11-13).

FlavorSum launched in April 2020 as a solutions provider for growing food & beverage companies. The platform unifies National Flavors, GSB Flavor Creators, Bonnie & Don Flavours, and Whittle and Mutch. “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at IFT for the first time as FlavorSum. It’s an excellent opportunity for our team to share the work we’ve been doing to enable our customers to innovate and grow," says FlavorSum CEO Brian Briggs.

Consumers Turning to Foods and Beverages for Added Nutritional Benefits

FlavorSum’s proprietary research revealed that 63% of Americans and 74% of Canadian consumers actively seek functionality from food and drink. To support brands’ innovation journeys for functionality, FlavorSum crafted seven prototypes that marry function and flavor. FlavorSum Director of Innovation and Solutions Derek Holthaus explains, “Whether brands want to remove unwanted ingredients or add components to increase wellness benefits, functional formulations often impact the taste experience. Flavor technology can help deliver delicious results and meet consumer expectations.”

Refreshing Beverages that Align with Need States

Beverage manufacturers have a unique opportunity to meet consumer demands throughout the day. FlavorSum’s morning concept features a bright and flavorful immunity boost with added vitamin C. The midday sample provides a refreshing taste break and a burst of alertness with green tea extract. The post-workout demo delivers sweet-tart relief and electrolytes for recovery. To end the day, FlavorSum offers a relaxing combination of flavors with added L-Theanine.

Functional Snack Bars for Purposeful Nutrition

Two-thirds of North American eating occasions are now small meals or snacks, and snack bars offer consumers a versatile option with their fun, easy, tasty format. The FlavorSum team developed three snack bars to address changing consumer behaviors and offer sought-after label claims, such as plant-based, organic, and protein-enhanced.

Stop by FlavorSum booth #S0442 to discover the intersection of function and flavor to inspire your innovation journey!

Partner with FlavorSum on Your Next Functional Launch!

Whether you want to add functional benefits or remove unwanted ingredients, the FlavorSum team offers a full-service solutions model geared towards speeding your time to market. From insights inspiration and flavor & applications expertise to regulatory and processing support, the FlavorSum team will take you from concept to commercialization.

About FlavorSum

FlavorSum helps growing North American food and beverage companies go to market quickly and cost-effectively. The company provides flavor solutions for delivering great-tasting products that inspire loyalty among today’s consumers. FlavorSum is a portfolio company owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.

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Webcast: Format + Flavor + Function in Gummies

By FlavorSum on Jun 30, 2022

The gummy format offers a fun and flavorful eating experience for consumers who want to tap into added nutritional benefits. Mintel reports that gummy formats are now the number one way adults aged 35 and younger consume supplements.

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What’s New in RTD Alcoholic Beverages?

By FlavorSum on Jun 23, 2022

Sales of RTD alcoholic beverages continued to expand in the last year, despite pandemic-related closures of bars and restaurants. International Wine & Spirit Research (IWSR) predicts RTDs will double their market share by 2025, moving to 8 percent of the global alcoholic beverage market (up from 4 percent in 2020). The trend reflects the broadening availability and variety available to a growing audience who is responding to the convenience and taste of a RTD alcoholic drink.

  • A recent survey from Bacardi revealed that more than 40 percent of consumers worldwide plan to drink an RTD adult beverage in 2022.
  • The category generates stronger appeal in the U.S., where 80 percent of adults plan to explore their RTD alcoholic beverage options at retail or online.

What's fueling RTD alcoholic beverage growth in North America? And what's next for a category that pushes the boundaries of the alcoholic beverage landscape? The FlavorSum team recently explored the RTD market and consumer dynamics in North America. Here are notable insights about opportunities bubbling up for producers.

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Innovation Evolution: What's Next In the Organic Food & Beverage Market?

By FlavorSum on Jun 16, 2022

The organic section of the grocery store is no longer a small corner of the produce department. Organic options have shifted beyond fruit and vegetables and now feature products in almost every aisle. Sales of natural and organic products, including food, beverage, supplements, household, and personal care, are pacing +4-5% growth and may surpass $300 billion by 2023 and $400 billion by 2030. (Nutrition Business Journal).

Let’s explore trends in the North American organic food and beverage market to learn what’s driving recent innovations, which categories are growing, and which flavors are trending.

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Formulating Basics For Gummies (Video)

By FlavorSum on Jun 9, 2022

With their bite-sized and fun format, gummies are becoming more popular as delivery systems for nutritional boosts. So, how do formulators ensure their functional or fortified gummy is on the regular grocery list? Let's explore the basics of gummy formulation to learn more.

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What's Trending in Snack Innovation? 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo News

By FlavorSum on Jun 2, 2022

Sweets and Snacks Expo 2022 took Chicago's McCormick Place by storm for a memorable 25th anniversary show, hosting an estimated 16,000 attendees. The event took place from May 22-May 25 and featured over 700 exhibitors bringing fun, flavorful, and innovative products to the confectionery and snacks space. 

Sales momentum is sweet for North American confections brands with revenue nearing $35 billion in the latest 52-weeks at a clip of more than 10 percent. And industry analysts estimate that producers sold more than $110 billion in cookies, crackers, and salty snacks. The snack category's double-digit gain reflects consumers' desire for treats across the indulgent to better-for-you spectrum.

Keeping pace with people's evolving interests in the snack and confections categories requires a mix of insight and ingenuity. We saw a full measure of both throughout the 2022 Sweets and Snacks Expo!

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