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What Is a Natural WONF? Deciphering Flavor Labeling Acronyms

By FlavorSum on Jan 20, 2022

Originally posted on September 4, 2020 | Updated on January, 20, 2022

Every business sector has a unique acronym-filled language. You may hear terms like QSR, CWT, FTP, TOS, and SME. The flavor world contains a few acronyms like GRAS (pronounced 'grahs' meaning Generally Recognized as Safe) and FMP (Flavor Modulating Properties). Two of our favorites are Natural WONF (pronounced wan-eff) and FTNF, acronyms used to describe flavor labeling designations.

What is WONF? WONF stands for 'With Other Natural Flavors.’

What is FTNF? FTNF stands for ‘From the Named Fruit.’

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Delivering Frozen Indulgences that Delight Consumers

By FlavorSum on Jan 13, 2022

While the healthier eating trend is here to stay, consumers are still looking for ways to add indulgence to their daily menu. Fortunately, continued innovation across the food and beverage landscape means healthy and indulgent don’t have to be mutually exclusive anymore. One category benefiting from creative formulation is the ice cream and frozen dessert space. For producers planning their ice cream innovation strategy, navigating the path to in-market success is easier with answers to the consumer and category drivers influencing product acceptance.

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Looking Ahead: US Regulatory Compliance Changes in 2022

By FlavorSum on Jan 6, 2022

Last year brought major change and transformation to the food and beverage industry, and we're expecting no less from 2022. As producers continue to feel the impacts of supply chain challenges and evolving consumer demands, teams also face unique regulatory compliance hurdles to overcome.

Focus areas for manufacturers in 2022 include ensuring alignment with bioengineered labeling parameters, responding to the temporary COVID labeling provisions, and steps to take as sesame becomes an allergen. To prepare for some of these significant changes, we mapped out the 'need-to-knows' with help from our FlavorSum regulatory compliance experts.

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FlavorSum 2021 Annual Review: A Year of Transformation

By FlavorSum on Dec 21, 2021

2021 has been another year of tremendous change. Just as you’ve transformed to meet ever-evolving consumer demands, we’ve transformed to better serve your needs. Every December, we compile our annual report to share highlights from the year. This year is particularly remarkable as we united four flavor houses to become FlavorSum.

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Introducing the New FlavorSum Access (Video)

By FlavorSum on Dec 9, 2021

FlavorSum Access is a digital platform that provides you with on-line, on-demand product development support.

The FlavorSum team created FlavorSum Access to help keep your NPD projects moving - with flavor samples shipping in 24-hours and downloadable documentation on-demand. We temporarily closed the portal on December 6th to implement changes that will provide you with additional product development support.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new features you’ll see when we reopen the portal on December 15th.

And sign up today to get your FlavorSum Access account!

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Flavor Deep Dive: Food & Beverage Market Trends for 2022 (Video)

By FlavorSum on Dec 2, 2021

Whether it’s a new concept or a reimagination on a classic, 2022 is primed for flavor innovation.


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Food & Beverage Market Trends for 2022: Part 2: Flavors Deep Dive

By FlavorSum on Nov 18, 2021

As the year starts to wind down, the FlavorSum team is looking optimistically to 2022 for innovation and ideas! We are expecting carry-over from 2021 into the new year, but we are enthusiastic about new and expanded opportunities for flavor to stand out in the food and beverage space.

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Food & Beverage Market Trends for 2022: Part 1

By FlavorSum on Nov 11, 2021

If 2021 is the year of the health-conscious consumer, food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are wondering how to address evolving consumer needs in 2022. Industry experts predict the health-conscious consumer is here to stay and with a broader focus.

Almost three-quarters of adults agree that the pandemic experience has dramatically changed their perspective on life (Mintel). We saw the effects of these shifts in 2020 and 2021 as consumers reevaluated their health and approach to wellness. More people began cooking at home and making healthier eating and exercise choices. They also searched for products to support their immune systems and help relieve stress.

Physical health will continue to be a top priority in 2022, but the focus is expanding to include mental wellness and environmental health. Consumers will be shopping for food and beverage products that support their well-being and help them meet new sustainability goals.

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FlavorSum Beverage Solutions Grow with the Addition of Whittle & Mutch

By FlavorSum on Aug 17, 2021

FlavorSum, a North American flavor producer, has acquired Whittle & Mutch, a U.S.-based formulator of flavors primarily for refreshing beverages. The acquisition is part of FlavorSum’s strategy to expand its solutions resources and capacity for meeting the needs of small, mid-sized and emerging food & beverage companies. Whittle & Mutch’s extensive portfolio of flavors for carbonated and still beverages enhances FlavorSum’s capabilities in an evolving and growing category.

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TTB Approved Ingredients (Video)

By FlavorSum on Aug 5, 2021

What does every brewer or distiller interested in bottling flavored alcoholic beverages for the U.S. market have in common? They all need federal government approval of their beverage formulas. So whether you’re an R&D team creating innovative flavors for a beer brand, or a start-up with a fresh take on hard seltzer, you’ll soon connect with the TTB.

Watch on to learn more about navigating the process for TTB approved ingredients.

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